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  1. Find a second-hand wooden table that you would like to use.
  2. Sand the factory finish off of the table, legs and skirt boards.
  3. Cut the table and skirt boards to the needed depth for your bathroom.
  4. Prop the sanded portion of your table on a pair of saw horses (or whatever you can rig up) and attach the two front legs.
  5. Attach the backsplash piece to the top of your table.
  6. Pick out your sink and faucet.
  7. Trace your sink’s template onto the table and cut it out with a jigsaw.
  8. Prime and paint your table and legs.
  9. Following the manufacturer’s directions, add polyurethane to all sides of your table (top and bottom).
  10. Once your poly is dry, you can attach your vanity to the wall in your bathroom.
  11. Drop in your sink and faucet and plumb it into the pipes coming from the walls.

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